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The Full Story


My candle story started  with me not liking candles at all as I believed they have a very artificial  and unnatural smell . Until I accidentally bought a soy wax candle. I did it just because it smelled of gin & tonic. Who doesn't love gin & tonic?

And I loved it!

Started reading more about soy wax and different types of wicks and to my surprise I found that you could even make scented candles that would sound like a fire burning.

While my friends were baking bread and brownies during lock down, I started experimenting with soy candles. 

I fell in love with the process because everything I did had an impact on how the candle would perform and smell, either lighted or not.

I'm a perfectionist so it was a long road to get to a candle I would be happy with and confident enough to share it with other people.

Just as I am mindful of the ingredients I use in my food, I care about using natural products in my candles  like soy wax with a splash of coconut, untreated wooden wicks and vegan fragrances.

I believe scents take you to places, places you've been, places you want to travel or bring back emotions.

There's nothing more relaxing than watching a flame burn, hearing the wick crackle just like a small wood fire near you and enjoying the scent that brings back a nice memory or inspires you to create new moments of happiness.


I hope you'll enjoy my candles as much as I enjoy making them!

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